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Landscape Design For Welcome Center.
Ministry of Culture
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Project Period:
December 2007
Axiom, Archetype
Genting teamwork
Architecture drawing:
EK Design
Landscape Conceptual Design

Welcome center at Siem reap for day time and night time ticket and many function of art gallery and exhibition in group of pavilions.

Concept Design:

  •   Welcome center with plaza
  •   Nearby ticket areas combine plaza with waiting and seating area.
  •   Create outdoor terrace and café near restaurants with informal style.
  •   Create formal garden near information center.
  •   Create outdoor show space and outdoor exhibition of Khmer art near main space or art gallery and exhibition.
  •   Create Khmer culture garden and Khmer art items with local style in side all garden.
  1.   Information center with concept Khmer formal garden of Kampong Kdei.
  2.   Plaza zone for ticket and waiting area with Temple corridor concept.
  3.   Linkage space to mini Angkor Wat.
  3.1  King Jayavaraman XII plaza link and introduce people to mini Angkor Wat.
  3.2  Frame of mini Angkor,focal axis from information center to mini Angkor.
  4.   Outdoor terrace zone for café and food pavilion with Kulen Mountain scenery can be take view from VIP. Lounge.
  5.   Khmer outdoor exhibition link to mini Angkor with outdoor stage of performance.
  6.   Kbal Spean water display near art gallery.
  7.   Mini Angkor with scenery of groove of tree.
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