Villas and Residents
 Mr. Henry Su's Villa
The former Phnom Penh's Mayer villa was built since 1960S,have been renovated for Su'villa. The total area is about 1,250 sq.m. The landscape designs include ground floor, plentiful of old trees.
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 H.E. Tea Bajn's Villa
The formal garden concept is designed for the big villa in Roman style that combines villa, office and service building in the main area about 4,200 sq.m
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 Ms. Somaly Mam's Villa
The old house with many plantation need relocation for new swimming pool and add more outdoor pavilion concept of resort style and plentiful of tropical plant.
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 Ms. Vathiny Ouk Vong’s Villa
The old house of 1960 has new garden with front side space and roof top terrace.
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 Ms. Sirikorn's Villa
Many houses locate in big land of Chinese family.
Owner need many styles of garden in different space with many style of pavilions.
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