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L.S Company
Office garden and roof garden.
Pochentong Road.
100 Sq meter.
Project Period:
December 2007 Processing
L.S. construction company
Design, specification.

The big construction company, own by Singaporean business group that based on Cambodia more than 10 years. The design of landscape need to develop for two small gardens of new office building, one is ground floor next to meeting room ,design with waterfall and natural garden style. Another area is on third floor roof garden for staff and residents, designed for recreation and outdoor seating.

Concept and Criteria:

Office garden:
     -     Need green boundary
     -     Waterscape for relaxing and fish feeding
     -     Seating area for guests and clients
     -     Walking and stepping stone across water pond.
     -     Decorative wall for foreground view from the office meeting room.
     -     Stair lighting and pottery.
     -     Zen( Japanese's style) with gravel garden.
Roof garden:
     -     Shaded area from wooden trellis overhead structure follow existing beams.
     -     Style of resort for party, relaxing ,link outdoor areas for eating ,and mini bar.
     -     Decorative pottery wall with lights and planter view from main window.
     -     Two lots jars on the main terrace
     -     Seating deck and wall of orchids with sculptural wall

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