Site Analysis and Site Potential Studying


When we start to do design work, landscape architect must understand about context of site such as orientation, surrounding visual benefit and accessibility. We also need to make sure to create concept and character for outdoor space later after we perceive site condition. We make analysis on site problem and benefit then we can proposed and outdoor space relate to function of activities, mass of buildings and circulation on each site of project.

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Conceptual Master Plan


This process will investigate and engage concept design and zoning of function to be fit to site. We will make diagram for function and site potential to make sure what the location and any relationship of indoor and outdoor space can be done together by design. It also introduce character and atmosphere of landscape design in each areas as well.

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Design Presentation


This process will be done as picture of presentation for landscape atmosphere for client to understand and element will be decorate in each space. We provide main perspective view for any alternative of different part of outdoor space with sense of place.

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Construction Drawing


After process of concept and primary design have been completed .We will going on for construction drawing for document reference and as package drawing of plan such as planting plan, material plan, lighting, dimension plan and also any kind of detail specification for hard scape such as water scape, paving, outdoor structure and also soft scape as planting. We provide list of planting with quantity and name of plant specification in bill of quantity.

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Site Supervision


On site work as designer, we also provide service for super vision for any site problems .When contractors need any suggestion in term of material, technique of construction and plantation.

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