About Us

So far, many people in Cambodia completely misunderstood the scope of gardening work and landscape architecture work whilst many architectural and real estate works really missed this field in this country. As my experiences for years on this field in Thailand as well as in Cambodia, I have been teaching in universities and working in academic areas for years; I wish to promote landscape architecture work to the public and the society, particularly for Cambodia.

In order to response to the above problems and miss-match of may important projects with landscape architecture in this country, I really wish to promote this field through creating architectural firm, SA.LA. Design, in order to offer new concept and design on landscape architecture field in this country. Further more, I would like to promote and start this firm mostly for young architects who used to be my students and young generation as the local architects to upgrade their skill on this field and also to intergrade both knowledge and skills.

SA.LA. Design, landscape and architectural group, has designed various excellences landscape and architectural works in Cambodia since 2006 and was formally established in June 2007 by Ms. Sarunya Lormaneenopparat, a landscape architect and lecturer in order to response to the need on this important field as there is no any landscape architect who has been working as professional practice in Cambodia whilst there is a huge demand and needs on this field to response to its construction booming. We are concerning on landscape design, not only gardening, we practice and based on our work with architectural presentation and construction drawing. That is why we are different from gardener. In particular, my design work is parallel with my teaching field as well as good experiments and examples for my students who undertaking my landscape design course at their University. They can get some inspiration from my practical experiences and I also would like to offer best services for people who really want to have landscape design in their projects.

Since 2006 until the present time, various people started to know and recognize us and we have completed many excellence projects and we gradually growing up in the field of landscape architecture and other related design works such as architecture, interior design, and cultural research works, etc.

Our main objective is to promote good environment base on site study, problem analysis, visual analysis and conceptual design in order to help our client to find a best and efficient solution for their projects and businesses. That is why our processes of design work are created by beneficial analysis before we started the product of design. This is knowledge and challenging processes that all of our clients can trust and participate with us since we started the discussion of project. It is very useful for designer and clients to realize the context of site and program and how the concept can be created and based on site potential and program analysis.

We are waiting to serve you the best and hope you will select us to support your projects and businesses.


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